If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you should also start thinking of hiring a Georgia bankruptcy attorney.  The right attorney could make your case easier for you and less of a headache.  If you are hire a bankruptcy attorney that is not strongly familiar with the bankruptcy laws that could put your assets at risk and cause a tremendous amount of stress. When looking for a Georgia bankruptcy attorney, you should be looking for someone with the following traits:

Has Years of Experience in Bankruptcy Law
Bankruptcy law is certainly a complex and headache inducing part of the law. An attorney who does not regularly practice bankruptcy and has done so for several years may not be fully equipped to solve any problems that might pop up during the bankruptcy process.  If you do not properly handle those problems that may result in your case lasting longer or even possibly dismissed.  When hiring a bankruptcy attorney be positively sure that they regularly handle bankruptcy cases and have extensive experience.  Those two features could make or break your case.

Is informed about the Local Rules and Knows the Trustees
Along with the federal bankruptcy laws, there are also some local laws that each district court has regarding bankruptcy.  It is important that your attorney be familiar with these local rules and that they are familiar with any additional rules the trustee may have.  Having knowledge of these rules could help your case go as smooth as possible.

Is Experienced and Competent With Your Kind of Case
Not all bankruptcy cases are similar, they range in complexity and the right attorney should have the right time and experience to be able to handle most of the cases.  It is important to remember that in bankruptcy there different chapters of bankruptcy.  Knowing how to approach each chapter is important because you should want to have someone that can make the best strategy.  When searching for an attorney, don’t be afraid to ask how many cases they have won or to ask for references from previous clients.

Is Cost-Effective / Reasonable in Fees
If you are contemplating on filing for bankruptcy, odds are you may not be able to spare a lot of money for legal fees, which vary based on the attorney and whether you are filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  However, looking for the lowest cost attorney you can find to do your case can also be a big mistake; as the vast majority of very low cost attorneys are also not experienced, and do not meet the other criteria in this article you should be looking for.

Chapter 7:  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, typically the more complex the case, the higher the fees will be. In some cases, some attorneys will not begin working on your case until their fees are paid in full. Keep in mind that getting a quote from attorneys is advisable before hiring one so you can compare their fees and choose one that is in your price range.  However, be wary of an attorney who charges the a lot less than the other, it may be a warning that they don’t see the whole picture in regards to your case and are less experienced that the others.  However, if you have an easy case, it may make more sense to not hire the really expensive attorney.  Rather you should hire one that can handle your case with the equal amount of competence that is still in your price range.

Chapter 13:  A not sell known fact is that in districts have guidelines that limit that amount of fees an attorney can charge their client in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so it is the filers best interest to do a little research.  The amount may not be so different than a Chapter 7 but the amount needed before work can begin on the case might be.  It is possible to pay some of your attorney fees first and then pay the rest through your Chapter 13 repayment plan.  Again, it depends on the attorney how much you will pay upfront so it is advisable that the filer ask about the total fees and what the upfront fee expectation is.

Is Great at Communicating Detailed Information
If you decided to file for bankruptcy be prepared for a lot of paperwork and communication with your lawyer.  When hiring your attorney be sure that they will do their best to return any emails or phone calls you might send or make.  If getting in touch with your attorney is proving to be a challenge during the consultation part, odds are that any questions you might have when your case begins might go unanswered for a time.

Has a Pleasant and Professional Demeanor
While going through the bankruptcy process, odds are you will have a high level of stress or some anxiety due to your financial troubles.  When hiring an attorney you should look for one that is patient and understanding of your situation.  Some filers don’t want to work with a cold being that is solely about the facts, some want to find some common ground and get to know who they hired, and maybe someone that offers a few kind words.  So take into consideration how you react to situations and the attorney’s disposition.