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Our team of Woodstock Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys have over ten years of experience – filing hundreds of bankruptcy cases helping people, families and businesses deal with crushing debt and to get immediate debt relief.

Our experienced team of Woodstock Georgia bankruptcy lawyers will use every opportunity afforded under the bankruptcy code to bring immediate debt relief to you. The Bankruptcy law, as authorized under the U.S. Constitution, offer several options to deal with burdensome debt – whether it is to completely remove the debts or to plan a specific solution to repay the debt over time.

Coleman Legal Group, LLC offers years of experience and a track record of hundreds of successful cases if you are facing a bankruptcy case in the Woodstock, Georgia area. Our attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC will work hard to provide you with the dedicated and effective legal representation you deserve and require. Coleman Legal Group, LLC has helped hundreds of clients in the areas of Personal Bankruptcy and Business Bankruptcy.

Woodstock, Georgia Bankruptcy Cases are Filed Where?  Woodstock, Georgia bankruptcy cases are usually filed in Northern District of Georgia, with the initial hearing being done in the Federal Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is our mission at Coleman Legal Group, LLC to consistently give all of our clients unsurpassed service and legal representation in their bankruptcy case.

Our dedicated, dependable and effective representation of hundreds of clients has earned us a reputation for excellent service in helping people and their businesses put an end to burdensome debt and financial worries.

Coleman Legal Group, LLC’s dedicated team of Woodstock Georgia Bankruptcy Lawyers offer the following enhanced bankruptcy services include at no extra charge:

Same Day Filing if Necessary: Our Georgia bankruptcy attorneys can file an emergency bankruptcy case electronically and very quickly.

No Tedious Forms For You to Complete: Our attorneys and paralegals complete all of the bankruptcy forms and paperwork for you and file with the case with the bankruptcy court. We do not require you to fill out tedious forms before meeting with an attorney or before filing your case.

We Will Request Your Federal Tax Forms If Needed: If you cannot locate your IRS tax returns, our attorneys can request a tax return transcript on your behalf. This can be very helpful because the court requires a copy of your last two years filed tax returns as a part of a bankruptcy case.

Easy Credit Counseling Options: We offer multiple options for your court required bankruptcy credit counseling. You can complete the credit counseling in-person, via telephone and from the comfort of your home on the internet.

We Will Pull Your Credit Report: We can obtain a copy of your credit report and public records report during your free bankruptcy consultation. We also use these reports to help complete your case – making the listing of all your creditors much easier for you – and with verified information for your creditors.

Weekend and Evening Appointments Available: Do you have a busy week? Can only come in to the office after hours? Just call us at 770-609-1247 and ask for a consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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